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All about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

16 March 2019

Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through unpaid search results. It is a process to increase your website’s visibility by organic means. A website can be optimized by performing on page procedures, as well off page procedures. The results of SEO are reflected in the form of higher traffic to your website and better ranking of the same.

On page, SEO refers to optimizing your website through measures that can be taken internally on the website to improve its ranking on a search results page. This can be achieved through various techniques such as proper coding of the website, writing quality content, adding Meta titles, Meta descriptions, relevant keywords etc. Also, updating robots.txt files, and sitemaps.xml files to the website is a mandated process for optimizing your website.

Off-page SEO refers to optimizing your website through measures that can be taken externally so that it ranks higher on a search results page. The various off page activities include listing your website on multiple web directories, writing guest blogs, writing forum postings, social bookmarking, and many more such tasks. This leads to obtaining more and more number of backlinks to our website, resulting in higher traffic and rankings. Kolkata School of Digital Marketing, a leading digital marketing institute in Kolkata, provides you the best training in SEO, to turn you into a confident professional and make your career ready to fly high.


How much does a digital marketing course cost?

8 March 2019

If you are ready to kick start your digital marketing career, we will tell you how much you should outlay on a digital marketing course.
As per research, an average fee for completing a full-scale digital marketing course is around 45000 INR. There is a huge demand for Digital Marketers in today’s world. Every well-known company wants to rule the online market that why revolutionary changes are happening in the online industry. Everyone is on the path of digital India.
Don’t lose the most popular career option in 2019. Become a digital marketer expert from Kolkata School of Digital Marketing at a very affordable price. Half the price of the average digital marketing course fees in Kolkata i.e around 20,000 INR with 3 months experienced diploma in digital marketing certificate, a paid internship plus 100% job assistance.


Is it worth doing digital marketing short courses?

4 March 2019

Yes, Digital marketing is the biggest marketing trend in 2019. Every successful offline marketing wants to taste the power of online digital marketing.
The demand and need for digital marketers are increasing at a tremendous rate. So a career in digital marketing is the biggest life-changing decision for you.
Enrolling a digital marketing course in Kolkata can be very fruitful with your career as it is the only metropolitan cities in India where the cost of living is quite low. Kolkata School of Digital Marketing provides digital marketing short courses at a very favorable price for every age group starting from a 12th pass school students to business professionals.
Learn digital marketing from the industry experts and gain experience working on live projects during the course.


How to commence a rewarding career in Digital Marketing?

25 Feb 2019

The digital marketing industry is growing at a very fast paced today. The industry has intense competition, is challenging and demands various specializations. Digital marketing today is booming in the same way as the IT sector began way back in India in the early 1990’s. This makes digital marketing a prospective career choice today as there is greater opportunity to get a secured job in this field.

To make a successful career in Digital Marketing, KSDM suggests a few steps:

Get a better understanding of social media – By this, we mean to have the knowledge of how social media can be used for business purposes. How a brand can communicate with people, build relationships and generate sales, etc.

Keep yourself updated with the latest trends – What is the latest industry news, latest technologies, etc. to be able to take necessary actions as what industry practice is generating profit today most likely will not in the future. You need to continuously evolve, change for the better with time.

Build a strong network – Connect with people with experience in the field of digital marketing to know the latest trends, challenges in this field, what is their current role in their respective jobs, and much more. Their insight would be highly valuable. Websites like LinkedIn are one of the best mediums to connect with these people.

Get formal training – It is always good to have formal training to have a clear understanding of various digital marketing methods like search engine marketing, facebook marketing, pay per click, etc.

Get the necessary training in digital marketing from one of the best institutes in a city like us and utilize the best of digital marketing as a career choice.


Basic Thumb Rules For Social Media Marketing

23 Feb 2019

The new trend in business today is an effective social marketing strategy because it can propel the business to grow at a rapid pace and thus gain prominence. For leveraging the power of the social media marketing to its fullest, expand your audience and customer base dramatically, it is important to have these useful insights before getting into action or else things will be very challenging:

1. Attention to Social Profiles- Social profile makes the first impression. It is important to present a brand on social media in the most professional way possible. Always set complete information required for every social media platform.

2. Content is the king- A powerful, flabbergasting content will be the one that any user will share, discuss with their peers, family on their respective online communication platform. You know your audiences, you know what your audiences read, share and comment. A good social media manager's goal is to use the business or blog to help them to reach more. The more attractive the content is, there are more chances of audiences' engagement.

3. Acknowledgment- Success with social media requires more listening. Take an active part in discussions with your audiences. Acknowledge every user that has given importance to your content. Only then it is possible that the user remains in touch with you and you would be able to create valuable content.

4. Use Relevant Hashtags -Be easy while using hashtags. A proper and relevant hashtag makes it easier for content to reach among the audiences. For example, it is advised not to use one-two hashtags for twitter while Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags for a particular post.

5. Character limit is a necessity for Social Media Platforms - A crisp has content always targets the audience which allows the person to be quick and agile enough to react to real-time activities. This is the case with any social network, they want their users to talk to the point. E.g. twitter limits the usage of characters up to 280.

Above are the few social media marketing rules which need to follow for an effective and successful social media marketing. For a beginner, it is important to learn the basics of social media rules through short term social media marketing courses from a reputed social media marketing training Institute.


Why career in Digital Marketing is beneficial?

20 Feb 2019

There is no need to emphasize that how much the businesses are devoting their resources for effective marketing through various online platforms either by doing themselves or outsourcing it through other professionals having expertise in the area of digital marketing. In fact, tech-giants like Google hire for fresh recruitment of professionals in digital marketing nearly every week. It is only a matter of time, let say 10-20 years that all businesses will find their route for online marketing to withstand the competition. This makes a career in digital marketing a very beneficial option.

Whether seek employment in a big MNC or want to carry forward your family business or kick-start your own start-up, being a professional in digital marketing makes you’re a worthy asset for all scenarios.

How? You’ll have in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience on how to make a prominent online presence, by the courses like of google search marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, etc. For instance, how to find the most potential customers from a large Facebook audience of your Facebook page, how to gather a larger Facebook audience, all these questions will be answered in Facebook marketing classes. You’ll also learn how PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing technique can be effectively utilized and many more interesting things.

Become a professional in demand, have a great digital marketing career salary strength in your hands while seeking employment, boost your resume with the internet marketing course offered at an affordable fee at Kolkata School Of Digital Marketing, the best in Kolkata.


Importance of being a master at developing a Facebook Marketing Strategy

18 Feb 2019

Facebook provides the highest ability to target potential customers based on their demographics and particular interests. This information provides you with a much clearer picture for an effective facebook marketing strategy by which you can gather greater audiences at your facebook page with efficient advertisements, videos, images, posts, etc. There is greater brand awareness created at a considerably low budget. This is known to all big MNC’s and they do seek for employees who can add value to their business through Facebook. Thus, if you seek employment in any reputed firm, it will be a great advantage in your favor to know the art of Facebook marketing. Even if you wish to start your own start-up, this will again be beneficial for you. Thus, the Kolkata School of Digital Marketing is there to provide you with the best Facebook marketing course in Kolkata. Get the best digital marketing training in Kolkata by our highly qualified teachers at affordable prices.


Benefits Of Seo Search Engine Optimization

11 Feb 2019

Search Enegine Optimization is a process of optimizing website to get maximum organic search traffic through search engine. Some benefits of Search Engine Optimization: • SEO helps owners create quick, robust, and user-friendly websites that rank higher in search engines, which in turn helps bring more qualified potential customers to their sites. • SEO provides aid in building a strong web presence, prominence as with your optimized website with efficient and required information, the work of search engine becomes convenient to allow the general user to bring him or her at your website. Thus, you are automatically overcoming the completion. • There is greater brand awareness as Google crawler has found your website convenient to be listed on their first page, also developing a trust for your brand, bringing in quality customers. Thus, one definitely needs to be specialized regarding the work of seo search engine optimization in the business world where everyone has recognized the increasing importance of online marketing. Kolkata School of Digital Marketing (KSDM) provides you the best seo course in Kolkata. If you even want to seek employment, KSDM adds a valuable feather in your resume. Get advanced digital marketing course at utmost convenient expense worthy for a life-time.


Learn Digital Marketing From The Best Digital Marketing Institute in Kolkata

There is no hard and fast rule to learn digital marketing. Anyone who wants to grow in future can learn learn digital marketing as digital marketing is setting a benchmark in the marketing trends. We care about our students and at KSDM our motive is to make each student understand the basic concept better and to get their hands on practical learning.


Learn The 360 Degree Of Digital Marketing From The Industry Experts

The core of marketing is to know consumers insight and the better way to reach out and understand your customer in a better way with the help of digital media? Get yourself updated with this changing world. Enroll today for the diploma in digital marketing course from the best institute of digital marketing in kolkata #KSDM and learn the 360 degree of Digital Marketing from the industry experts.


Best Social Media Management Course

Are you always active on social media? Do you think about increasing your follower engagement and impressions all the time? Then Social Media Marketing is the right career for you! Join KSDM, for the best social media management course in Kolkata to learn the tricks of the trade and get hired by top companies.


Get Digital Marketing Certification From Kolkata School Of Digital Marketing

If you aim is to be a Certified Digital Marketing Professional, then you need the best course to steer your career in the right path. Join Kolkata School Of Digital Marketing to fulfill your dream and get the best digital marketing jobs in India to build a successful career.


Enroll for the Diploma in Digital Marketing Course at KSDM

With more and more companies choosing social media for their ad campaigns and product promotion, digital marketing in India will surge upwards in the future leading to more jobs for skilled individuals. Enroll for the Diploma in Digital Marketing course at KSDM and get industry-ready to stay ahead of the competitive curve.

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