Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for “Search engine optimization”.

It refers to the process of acquiring traffic from the organic, free, editorial search results on the search engines. The major search engines include big names like “Google”, “Yahoo” and “Bing” where pages on the web or other content like local listings and videos are showed and ranked on the basis of search engines that are considered to be most relevant by internet users.

Benefits of SEO in your career:

A digital marketing course that includes in-depth knowledge about SEO is the key to becoming a good digital marketer. The path to a digital marketing professional requires tremendous knowledge of each and every element in the field.
If digital marketing is petrol, then SEO is the fire that causes the flames. Understanding SEO completely will not only help you tremendously in boosting your business presence online but also come up with good strategic action plans to level up your business game.
As a student who is wishing to pursue a career in digital marketing or as an individual trying to develop his or her business presence online, these are the top benefits of SEO for you:

  • Helps in creating a smoother, faster and user-friendly website. Improving user experience is the key, after all. Techniques to up that user experience through SEO is what we teach you.
  • Brings in more customers and thereby, increasing the customer base. A good SEO-optimized website also makes you stand out of the competition. If you have a WordPress website or a blog on any other platform, you will know how to build your audience.
  • Learning to create an easier to read and navigate website, which turns readers and visitors into loyal customers.
  • An SEO-optimized website means a good ranking in the Search Engine Results Page. So, an increased brand awareness.
  • Standing out of the competition because of a much better optimized website.

Other Perks

Repeat classes in case of doubts

Mock interview sessions to make you job-ready

Industry-recognized certificate from KSDM after successful completion of the course

Paid internship for 3 months for better understanding of the training

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