Google Adwords Setup

Google AdWords is essentially Google’s advertising program. This helps you to create ads online so that it reaches the target consumers exactly when they are interested in the product or services.
Google AdWords can be used for business promotion and can also raise awareness or increase the traffic of your website. Google Adwords has revolutionized the concept of business, as more and more businesses are making their presence online.
Opting for a digital marketing course that has Google AdWords as an essential part of the curriculum is very important. Your understanding of Google AdWords will help you in numerous ways when working in the industry. It will also give you a competitive edge as a student.

Here are the top benefits of Google AdWords at a glance:

  • Understanding Google AdWords helps in effectively increasing brand awareness. Google AdWords, when used correctly, reaches out directly to your target audience and nothing is better than that.
  • Google AdWords gives faster results than SEO, so it is important to know everything from how it works to how to effectively use it to your advantage. As a student, it is only super-beneficial for you to know all about Google AdWords.
  • Understanding Google AdWords helps you in strategizing campaigns with the latest update which allows you to go through a user’s demographics like age, gender, etc. Understanding the audience viewing your ads is very important and as a student, it helps you in analyzing the market and gets those wheels turning which is only beneficial for your career.

Other Perks

Repeat classes in case of doubts

Mock interview sessions to make you job-ready

Industry-recognized certificate from KSDM after successful completion of the course

Paid internship for 3 months for better understanding of the training

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