E-Commerce Marketing

E-commerce marketing is the strategy of driving sales through generating awareness about a product or a service online. Digital marketing strategies for e-commerce include traditional principles of marketing to even a multi-channel or data-driven environment.
Some of the channels of e-commerce marketing are Pay per click (PPC), Search engine optimization (SEO), Social media optimization (SMO) and others.

Importance of e-commerce marketing:

  • Reaching and attracting new people to your website
  • Understanding everything about e-commerce marketing is important as it also helps you in building a user-friendly website
  • Ease of access
  • Helps you in a wonderful manner to keep track of the buyer’s habits
  • Understanding the different types of e-commerce marketing and the strategies to carry them out helps you in selling your product or service across the globe
  • It is a great platform for real time feedback and interaction
  • If you want to open up an online store for selling something, it is much more cost-effective than opening up a physical store

Other Perks

Repeat classes in case of doubts

Mock interview sessions to make you job-ready

Industry-recognized certificate from KSDM after successful completion of the course

Paid internship for 3 months for better understanding of the training

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