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The Future Of Digital Marketing In India

When the cabinet meeting chaired by our Honorable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi approved the Digital India campaign on 20th of August, 2014, the future of Digital Marketing took a serious turn towards greatness from there on. Digital India was the new big idea and this campaign became the building block of achieving that dream. The Digital India campaign set out with the mission of turning India into a digitally active country and it definitely achieved that. Not only did the campaign digitally empower people in the sectors of commerce, labor, education, health and employment but also became a major cause of making the future of digital marketing in India, bright.

Here’s how Digital India impacted the field of Digital Marketing:

1.The revenue contribution from e-Marketing has increased: Earlier it was revealed by 50% of online marketers that just 10% of the total revenue was generated through e-marketing activities. However, after the Digital India campaign launched, people have started showing more interest in technological advancements. This has led to 85% of marketers now getting amazing results and generating revenues through e-Marketing activities.

2. Digital transactions: Almost everyone is using Paytm and other applications and sites to transfer money and carry out other digital transactions. It has caused a lot of digital marketing jobs to evolve.

3. Usage of social media as an effective marketing tool: Social media is considered to be the most effective tool of digital marketing now. More than 50% of marketers are taking up digital marketing strategies and investing more in online marketing strategies.

4. Boosted customer acquisition: The digital marketing field has acquired more customers now, for there has been a significant increase in the number of people engaging in the net.

5. Updates on social media have brought the highest customer engagement: Social media has become the best choice for gaining maximum customer engagement after e-mail campaigns.

Such a successful campaign has completely transformed the status of digital marketing in India. It has led to a massive increase in the number of tech-savvy users in the country. This has increased the scope of digital marketing in India to a huge extent and well, the future looks great!

Businesses cannot choose to ignore digital marketing strategies anymore because of the massive number of internet users we now have in our country, and its increasing all the time. One of the main reasons why companies opt for digital marketing strategies is that it is result-oriented. If your YouTube channel is succeeding in bringing traffic or not is clearly depicted through the number of views, likes and comments that you get. Your blog will show the statistics of the number of visitors you get on your blog, the likes, views and comments, everything is shown in exact numbers.

Digital is the new name in our country now. With startups launching via digital marketing strategies and companies running their marketing activities through social media and e-mail marketing campaigns, never has India seen such a drastic boost in digital marketing. The situation has become such that if a particular business does not have a presence on the internet, it does not exist. Because of the Digital India campaign there are several opportunities that are now available in small towns as well and not just in big cities.

It is said that, “Being Digital is Being Global.” Through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and various other digital channels, businesses can reach each and every corner of the world. The world is literally at our fingertips now. Now, we have more than 1.5 lakhs digital marketing jobs in India. How better could it possibly get? Such a wonderful situation calls for you to grasp this opportunity and become a digital marketer.

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