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Why Content is the Foundation of Every Digital Marketing Strategy

If you are looking to understand what drives digital marketing- it is content. Think of digital marketing like a huge carriage that drives your business forward- then each wheel is a different aspect of digital marketing- SEO, SEM, PPC etc. The content is essentially the piston that connects all the wheels and drives the carriage forward.

Content is of course not just the blog post- they are the pages you optimize and the words that build your reputation and SEO online. At the end of the day, content is what lets you do what you want to do.

  • 1. Content Informs The Audience

    At the end of the day, the content you create about the products and services you are promoting provides the most essential information your audience is looking for. You essentially answer the basic questions your customer might have about a particular industry- the ‘How Tos’ and the’ Best options’.

  • 2. Content Gives The Business Credibility

    When you answer the questions prospective customers might ask, and you do it without mistakes, you are essentially creating a better brand profile for your client. The key to good marketing is to provide well researched content your client’s customer might want to read.

  • 3. Content and Page Rank

    The whole beauty of Search Engine Optimisation and Google providing a website a higher page rank depending on a few intrinsic factors that all have a lot to do with content. Google happens to be the world’s biggest service engine. It features in more than 1 trillion queries from users all over the world. If your content sufficiently answers your customer’s queries, Google will automatically boost your page up as a way of providing its customers better service.

Inbound marketing is the most effective method of digital marketing for converting prospective leads into confirmed buyers, and the ideal content for an inbound digital marketing campaign comes in three different stages.
ToFU, MoFu BOFu. Your entire content should be planned according to these three stages for generating the perfect lead.

  • Step 1: ToFu:

    The blogs, ebooks and tip sheets are all a part of the Top of The funnel content. This sort of content should be attracting a large audience with potential buyers or leads. Try to not filter and discourage conversions at this stage. The essential aspect of this style of content is that it is informative and encourages potential customers to give their contact information, subscribe or follow the business for you to be able to target them later.

  • Step 2: MoFu

    Middle of the Funnel content is slightly trickier. This is where most content generation falls through. The essential purpose of MoFu is to prove that your business is the best provider of the solution to the queries you raised and explained in ToFu. That means- if you are marketing say a plumbing company- ToFu would have articles about the importance of investing in water fittings, and MoFU would be about the best water fittings and where you could buy them from.
    In general, MoFu should be targeting a smaller, niche audience and can be in the form of white papers, videos etc.

  • Step 3: BoFu

    BoFu or the bottom of the funnel more often than not is more interaction based content. It is the personal experience that you can provide which will give the potential audience an interest in buying the product or avail the service. BoFu consists mainly of trials, free assessments and evaluation schemes.

Ultimately, content creation is a dynamic process that needs to be fine-tuned and tailored continuously based on your client’s target audience and on what stage of the marketing process you are in.

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