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Why Digital Marketing Is the Best Career Option in 2018

The world is getting up-to-speed with all its digitization. There is a whole flood of new inventions; phones are getting smart enough to do just about anything.
IOT devices are disrupting life as we know and are familiar with, with apps for booking simple ground services like cabs and food and ecommerce sites changing our perception of shopping and commodity. In such a scenario, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ushered in the Digital India project that promises more products and services that will be availed digitally via the internet.

At the same time, traditional job opportunities are at a savage decline. There has been a major job cut in the IT sector, and engineering colleges are closing down because of the fall in value of traditional degrees.
In Short, the world is at the cusp of a huge change, and you can be a part of it by taking the right steps. There are so many advantages to learning digital marketing right now, but perhaps the ones that are most important are they following:

  • 1. It has a place for a whole range of skills

    Digital marketing is not just advertising. It has job opportunities in technical, creative, design, marketing, data analytical fields. If you are unsure of what exactly it is that you want to do, or your skill sets fall in between two disciplines, this is the place for you.

  • 2. Your Skills are On Demand

    There is a huge skill-deficiency in this field. As it is one of those areas that grew exponentially, the demand for digital marketing professional is a lot higher than the supply of the same. There are more than 150000 digital jobs predicted by 2020, and nearly not enough people showing active interest.

  • 3. You Can Earn A Lot

    The advantage of being the first to possess skills that are on demand is that you can regulate your salary and earn more than what a traditional job would pay you. It’s simple, there is more demand than supply- and if you consider your skills a commodity- you definitely are set to a higher value than you would expect.

  • 4. This Is The Next Big Thing

    Global firms, all brands- everyone who has a commodity is trying to advertise it on the internet. It is anarchy here, with every firm pouring in funds into newer, more creative online campaigns. The challenges in this field are enormous, but it is a new and exciting realm, with not too many rules and infinite opportunity.

  • 5. Be Your Own Boss

    Another great aspect of choosing digital marketing as a career opportunity is that you can model your own career instead of having to work in an entire corporate hierarchy. There are a lot of training certificates that can be gotten after a small training course alongside certificates given out like Google Analytics Exams which is sufficient qualification for becoming a professional digital marketer.

  • Therefore, 2018 is a great time to kickstart your career in one of the biggest upcoming industries of the future.
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