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Kolkata School of Digital Marketing is an advanced Digital Marketing Course Training Institute in Kolkata aimed at developing proficient Digital Marketers for this digitally driven era. Our digital marketing course is designed in the best way possible to suit the industry’s needs and preparing you accordingly. A good digital marketing course will, after all, be a very helpful addition to your CV as well as open up the various digital marketing jobs to you.
We are the academic division of We Love Digital Marketing, which focuses on developing marketing strategies for businesses. After catering to our clients with all our passion and expertise for over 5 years, we now choose to spread the knowledge of Digital Marketing and share with you what we have learned while serving our clients, through this Academy.
Our trainees use a comprehensive and integrated approach of teaching, to help cover the 360 degrees of Digital Marketing, from SEOs, SEMs to Mobile Marketing. We have chalked out the courses to specifically suit the necessities of the industry and the professional requirements of the students. A constant up gradation of the courses is done by the team at the Academy to stay in tune with the daily advances and roll-outs in technology. Apart from customizing the courses, our trainees believe in teaching the students through case studies and live examples, while letting them implement it practically.
Our aim is to make you love the subject as much as We Love Digital Marketing ourselves. And to help you learn the knick-knacks of all the new strategies with our courses to help you gear up for your career so that you can serve a company with all that it needs to promote its brand online.

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